In the video below you can see in action a Yaskawa robot implemented with two Octopus SO2030X gripping heads for handling boxes, bags and wooden pallets.

As you can see, the client’s mechanical pliers have the sole purpose of depositing the bags, which are raised by the Octopus.

The gripping hand mounted by the Yaskawa robot final integrator benefited from all the advantages offered by the vacuum gripping system. Performance is indeed improved, first of all thanks to the flexibility of Octopus, able to pass without problems from the wooden pallet to the cardboard box and the bag, even in presence of very different surfaces, with irregularities and different weights.

Octopus is able to take every object even when the gripping surface covers only 5% of the suction plate and, as you can see from the video, it can also release only one of the two boxes, holding the other.

An unprecedented flexibility that will help you design and update your applications like never before.

Octopus is an advantage in terms of money and time, because you don’t have to reconfigure every time.

To find out the best solution for your needs, contact Vuototecnica technical office.


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