In recent years, the food and catering industries integrated ever more technological solutions into their daily activities.

You certainly read about the use of drones in deliveries and you have already seen or even used applications for booking and check-out.

In some cases, however, we are far beyond the most bizarre ideas of science fiction. There is a restaurant in Shanghai completely entrusted to the management of robots: a combination of conveyor belts, robotic arms and automatic trolleys. There are no human waiters, and a software system guides the robots using QR codes sent by the customer.

There is also a vending machine that cooks instant pizza kneading it with fresh ingredients and cooking it, day and night. There are even vending machines that cook cakes, simply by inserting coins.

For the handling of food products it is therefore necessary to use gripping hands for the speed of new robots and the needs of the market. Resistant and flexible vacuum cups, suitable for many applications.

Bernoulli vacuum cups are ideal for handling and gripping porous and irregular products in the food industry: biscuits, crackers, pizza or piadine, semi-finished products and much more.

Bernoulli vacuum cups allow picking and lifting, without any contact and at an incredible speed. They are made of anodised aluminum, with a central stainless steel contrast disk and they are generally useful when dealing with very delicate or fragile materials.

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