Vuototecnica reduces environmental impact as well as energy costs


Sooner or later all entrepreneurs finds themselves having to make investments to save on energy. In this way, the environmental impact and costs are reduced. Energy savings are, in fact, one of the cornerstones of industrial research, in every sector. Vuototecnica shows, with the production of a wide range of vacuum components, its attention to energy saving and the great vocation of technological innovation.

Vuototecnica multistage PVP 25-75 MDX vacuum generators, thanks to their constructive nature, ensure considerable compressed air energy saving and can be equipped with an add-on Energy Saving System which is easily integratable on board the same and can be managed via pneumatic vacuum switch.

They also have an increased volumetric capacity with the same consumption of compressed air compared to models of the previous series and high sound reduction exhaust silencers. The tightness seal is made from EPDM and never comes into contact with the suctioned fluid.

Thanks to the multi-stage PVP vacuum generators, it is thus possible to use DOP 25-50-100 pneumatic depressors for the production of vacuum and the movement of heavy or valuable loads, without the need for electrical power (working only with compressed air) and in conditions of safety. These depressors are very advantageous in terms of energy savings because the vacuum generator operates only when vacuum is required by the machines being used.

Vuototecnica is energy consumption aware. Are you? For more information on Vuototecnica products, see the Vacuum Solutions catalogue in pdf. Also available as application for Apple iPad.


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