Vuototecnica Maxigrip Cups: red carpet stability and resistance


A convertible car driving along a deserted road at sunset, the sea alongside and accompanied by dreamlike music. We are in a film and the landscape slides past the window. What we see on the screen was specially prepared for us by a team of technical image experts.

The cameras for shooting of the car in motion require appropriate media to allow for a smoother shot without jerky movements and, above all, ensuring stability, given the high costs of the cameras.

A German company has recently installed Vuototecnica Maxigrip Cups on the cars for perfect shooting of the cinematic scenes, a guarantee of perfect anchoring and stability. With a very high friction coefficient, available in all shapes and sizes, the Maxigrip cups offer extreme flexibility of the grip lip, which allows them to adapt to flat, concave and convex surfaces, also on greasy or wet sheeting. As such, perfect to apply to the bodywork of a car.

They are available in all compounds and are stain-resistant and thus will not ruin the surface of the filming car. Finally the range of accessories (reductions, grafts, adapters and positionable knuckle joints) allow even greater stability in attachment of the film camera. Thus also the movement and speed of the car are not problematic.

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  1. i would like to buy a cinema film kit or order maxi grip cups and mobile vacuum generator and make up a kit for my needs thank you


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