M-series multi-stage vacuum generators: efficient, light and safe, for a better working environment.


The Vuototecnica M-series multi-stage vacuum generators are based on the Venturi principle. The advantage of these generators is optimal use of the kinetic energy of the compressed air supply, in order to minimise the consumption of air and maximise energy savings.

But what distinguishes the M-series multi-stage vacuum generators from other generators is their small size and lightness. These devices, while operating with excellent performance are, in fact, extremely small and lightweight, and therefore ideal for suction gripping systems, especially in the field of industrial robotics. Easy to install on board vacuum grippers, they can be supplied with standard mounting supports for the automotive sector. Through a splined cylindrical pin or a ball joint whose seat is located on the automatism, these are easily attached to the robotic gripping systems.

The low noise of these devices is another important feature. All the M-series multi-stage vacuum generators in fact have an internal silencer filter and are extremely adapted to any work environment. For environments in which the noise level should be kept particularly low, Vuototecnica proposes the SSX M-series multi-stage vacuum generators that, in addition to having an integrated silencer, also have an external SSX silencer.

The M-series generators are therefore highly geared to the working conditions of users. Moreover, being powered only with compressed air, they are non-explosive and therefore safe. They are made from stainless materials which can be inspected in their entirety and require no special maintenance. All that is required is good filtration of the air supply and air in-take and the rest flows smoothly.



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