Gripping ceramic tiles: save energy, caring about quality!


See with your own eyes the advantage gained thanks to the use of Vuototecnica products. It is the best way for you to understand the work and passion that the company puts into play in all fields of relevance.

Consider, for example, ceramic tiles pick & place, in the video.

GVMM modular multifunctional ejectors were mounted on a tiles sorting machine. They are so compact and so little that you can’t almost see them.

In addition, they allow a great operating speed, because the vacuum generation and the blow-off release take place in a flash. Besides the advantages which are immediately visible, the manufacturer found a remarkable supply compressed air energetic saving. This thanks to multistage ejectors vacuum generation technology.

The generator creates the vacuum at at use, activating the compressed air supply micro solenoid valve. When the maximum is reached, the vacuum switch acts on the micro solenoid valve electric coil and interrupts the power supply. The vacuum switch restores the power supply when the vacuum degree falls below the set minimum value. So you can establish yourself safety values and you can save money.

8_056In the application case illustrated in this video, the customer choose to enhance energy saving, using a special cable that connects the digital vacuum switch with the compressed air supply valve, allowing the supply stop as soon as you reach the optimal vacuum degree, dealing with the gripping and release of the tiles.

Another Vuototecnica GVMM plus point is you can do a total inspection. You can carry out the ejector maintenance in its every single component, in a fast and simple way.

You can understand well that this is a basic requirement, especially when you have to do with production environments like this in which you can find a strong presence of impalpable powders that can clog the suction filters thus affecting productivity.

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