Self-closing valves, the efficiency of the Vuototecnica grip since the ’80s


The Vuototecnica commitment has always been to ensure its customers efficiency and energy savings. In this same vein, Vuototecnica has been designing and manufacturing self-closing valves for application on various types of suction cups since the 1980s.

These special one-way valves, when the object to be taken is missing, are able to automatically and hermetically close the suction part of the cup, in this way allowing the flow field of the vacuum source to concentrate only on the gripping suction cups, without undesirable reduction of the degree of vacuum.

For years now, Vuototecnica has been successfully working on suction manipulators for gripping sheeting, glass or marble slabs, wood panels or, in any case, where there is a need for maximum operational flexibility on grippers, for differing shape and size products arriving in the withdrawal area.

In addition, the 14..05/10/15 series valves are characterised by the fact that they can be calibrated in operational sensitivity by means of an adjustment screw that acts on the opposing force of the springs contained in it. This option provides the user the opportunity to adjust the self-closing valves depending on the volume of the suction cup associated with it.

For different reasons during in-line manipulation, suction cups may not properly grip the object to be withdrawn. The need remains, however, for the safety of a non-lowering of the degree of vacuum in the network and the opportunity to retry the suction cup gripping, simply moving it closer to the surface to be gripped.

Vuototecnica has also thought of this possibility and proposes their 14..11 series self-closing valves with the same functions as those just described but with controlled loss. The grip shutter of these valves allows for minimum suction even when closed, thus allowing the suction cup grip to simply rest again on the surface of the object to be withdrawn. The lowering of the degree of the vacuum, in the absence of an object to be withdrawn, remains controlled and recovered by the flow field of the vacuum source.

All Vuototecnica self-closing valves can work in any position and are made completely of anodized aluminium.

The Vuototecnica technical office is available to customers for suggestions regarding the best application solutions of the two types of valves and for calculating the correct flow field, pump and vacuum generator, and for the correct operating trigger for the same.

To find out about the technical specifications, download the catalogue pdf from the website or via iPad and iPhone applications.


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