When, in the industrial field, there is the need to move large sheets or long wooden panels, in general we use several suction cups, which can also be outside the sheets in the case of products of different shapes and surfaces.

Vuototecnica has therefore designed a device that is able to select the suction cups actually involved in the grip, a particular probe valve.

Considering the point of origin and the length of the sheet/plate to be taken, the suction cups are activated only if they are entirety inside the sheet or the panel with an intelligent use of vacuum.

The special probe valve (code 190230), on the outside diameter of the suction cup lip, activates vacuum only when it is completely on the plate.

In this way it is possible, among other things, to avoid the use of vacuum solenoid valves, able to select or deselect the suction cups – certainly effective but more complex and expensive.

Vuototecnica valves are made of anodized aluminum and last over time.

To find out more: www.vuototecnica.net


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