Scramble-proof egg handling


As everyone knows, handling eggs requires maximum caution. But on an industrial level, extremely fast handling times are necessary to maximize productivity.

To order to resolve the problems faced by producers, Vuototecnica has developed three special bellows vacuum cups for gripping eggs: the 08 33 50 S, the 08 40 80 S and the 08 42 90 N.

Once suction contact is made with the surface of the egg, these vacuum cups withdraw to create an extremely fast, yet gentle lifting movement.

Vuototecnica also offers a wide range of components for generating and regulating vacuum levels, which, in the specific case of eggs, must be limited in order to avoid damaging the shells due to any excessive force exerted by the vacuum cup.

To this end, Vuototecnica’s vacuum regulators guarantee the proper adjustment and maintenance of low vacuum levels inside the vacuum cups without cutting off the suction flow from the vacuum source itself.

Furthermore, Vuototecnica offers its customers the choice in two different types of vacuum generating tools: single stage or multi-stage pneumatic ejectors (which allow for the vacuum levels to be adjusted by simply regulating the supply pressure) or electric rotary vane vacuum pumps equipped with vacuum reducers.

These vacuum sources represent viable alternatives to the more traditional vacuum pumps with side channels that are often found installed upon egg handling systems, and offer significant advantages for the manufacturer and the end user alike in terms of noise reduction, maintenance and energy savings.

Vuototecnica’s skilled engineers are always available to help customers select the solutions that are best suited to their needs.

The vacuum cups for eggs are made of an FDA certifiable silicone compound. Vuototecnica is also at the customer’s complete disposal for any vacuum cup customization requirements they may have, based on the characteristics of the products to be handled and the specific production environments. To contact Vuototecnica’s engineers, please visit the website



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