Save energy with the AVG vacuum generator


For businesses, saving energy has now become a primary necessity. And the automotive industry, in which operational performance goes hand in hand with the need for energy efficiency, is a perfect example. These requirements must be taken into account for the robotic handling of sheet metal, glass and plastic automotive parts.

Vuototecnica fully satisfies these requirements with the AVG (automotive vacuum generator), which is designed to be mounted directly upon the robots themselves, even the smallest and most flexible models.

Due to specific industry requirements, the AVG has been specially equipped with single stage ejectors in order to ensure faster vacuum generation within the vacuum cups mounted upon the gripping elements.

Thanks to the AVG’s adjustable and integrated pneumatic vacuum switch, companies can enjoy a compressed air savings of up to 40%. In fact, the AVG unit is designed to interrupt the compressed air flow when it reaches the predetermined maximum vacuum level, and only reactivates it when the vacuum level falls below the minimum threshold.

The AVG even continues to save energy, as described above, in the total absence of electrical power, or rather in the event of a power failure or line disconnection. Thanks to this essential energy saving feature, the AVG has succeeded in distinguishing itself from its various competitors throughout the industry.

In fact, the standard venturi tubes installed upon the grippers of the automotive industry’s robots are generally supplied by normally open solenoid compressed air valves which, due to their configuration, continue to remain open (and consume compressed air), even when the power supply is not present.  The AVG, on the other hand, maintains its power-saving functionality even when its miniature pneumatic solenoid valve is disconnected from the electrical electrical power supply.

A second miniature pneumatic solenoid valve is mounted on board the AVG for injecting compressed air into the vacuum circuit, thus ensuring the rapid recovery of the atmospheric pressure inside the vacuum cups, as well as the thorough cleaning of the vacuum pipes.

Thanks to its larger and high-performance SSX series free-flow exhaust mufflers, the AVG will not cause increased noise pollution at the workplace. The unit can be equipped with a 12 05 11 series micro digital vacuum switch, and is even available in the AVG..P configuration, which guarantees the jolt and impact protection required by the automotive industry.

The AVG range is currently made up of the following models: The AVG18  and the AVG25

The attached video shows the AVG vacuum generator assisting a group of MAXIGRIP CUPS vacuum cups in gripping a piece of irregular sheet metal.

To find out more about the technical specifications, download the on-line catalogue or contact the Vuototecnica technical office.


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