The strength of a tornado, cleaning at work


VacuumJetFor transferring granules, powders, metal chips, liquid and dry food, sawdust and other materials that could annoy gripping and handling operations, Vuototecnica conceived a simple solution, maintenance free.

Vacuum Jet flow generators were created for this purpose, and they not only allow the transfer of products of different nature, they enable the aspiration of fumes, water and oil condensation, coolants mist and other elements that could annoy the operating cycle.

These flow generators, powered exclusively by compressed air, can be used in environments with danger of fire or explosion. The absence of moving parts allows continuous use without heat generation. What makes them really special is that they don’t need any maintenance, a good filtration of compressed air is enough to completely forget them.

But how do these little gems work?

 The compressed air, blown into an annular chamber, which
is concentric to the device, flows, at very high speed, towards the center of the main pipe, creating a cyclonic effect.

The cyclonic effect has the property to create a depression inside the device and to induce a large volume of air toward the exit. By varying the feeding air pressure, consequently, vary depression and intake air amount.

They are available in various sizes, with minimum suction flow of 12mc/h up to 405 mc/h and with a minimum flow rate of blowing of 17 mc/h up to 525 mc/h, the maximum achievable vacuum level is equal to – 20 KPa.

To view drawings and charts related to the operation of the product and learn about the different models, you can visit


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