AVG vacuum generator on a stacker for wooden panels


A furniture manufacturer decided to use an AVG 18 for the vacuum generation and control on a stacker with suction cups for wood panels.

Robots integrator’s innovative choice was to replace a dry rotary vane pump (still used by many companies producing furniture). This pump took up a lot time and money for the maintenance of graphite vanes and control of suction filters, which easily clogged in this operating situation.

Wood dust tends to create problems to vacuum pumps that, very often, become noisy, overheat and are easily subjected to seizure.

It was not easy even to assembly the rotary vane pump at the base of the robot, because the vacuum must be subsequently distributed with large pipe sections on the gripper to the suction cups.

AVG_vuototecnicaThe manufacturer found with AVG 18ejector, all the major functions of a traditional vacuum circuit (generation, maintenance and vacuum control), and also assured, to the end user, a sustainable working environment, thanks to the free-flow exhaust silencers of the SSX series mounted on the ejector as standard accessories.

In addition, the installation on board on the gripping hand – as you can see in this video – was straightforward and allowed to eliminate the large pipes inside the wireway, replacing them with a small tube for compressed air power supply to AVG ejector.

The wood dust sucked through the suction cups is no longer a problem because AVG operates, via an integrated control solenoid valve, a compressed air blow-off, which allows you to keep clean the suction pipes and cups.

A further important advantage of AVG is the possibility to save 40% of compressed air. There is in fact an integrated adjustable pneumatic vacuum switch suspending the air supply when the generator reaches the maximum vacuum value predetermined by the customer and restoring it only when the degree of vacuum comes below the minimum.

Even without electrical power, for example during blackouts, AVG continues to save energy, when instead all the other vacuum ejectors available on the market, in case of a power failure, are continuously fed with compressed air through a normally opened solenoid valve: air continuously consuming (when the suction cups are gripping the object, too).

Effective pneumatic energy saving, thanks to which you can consume compressed air just for the vacuum generation time in suction cups.

To learn about all aspects of vacuum control using AVG, please contact the experts on Vuototecnica website www.vutototecnica.net




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