Choosing the right vacuum pump


In order to properly size and select a vacuum pump, it is important to know and evaluate the use you want to do of it and the environment in which it must operate. For this reason, Vuototecnica provides designers an evaluation questionnaire, within Vacuum Solutions catalogue, for a simpler and more reliable choice.


You can indicate the company area of competence, the service for which the pump will be used and also the place where it will be installed, because it is always important, when working with vacuum, carefully consider how high above sea level you are located and if you work indoors or outdoors.

In addition, in order that Vuototecnica engineers can respond accurately to your request, they need to know work cycles the pump will be submitted to and know how long it should keep vacuum degree and under what conditions.

There are finally different needs, if you work with dry air or moist air, aggressive gases, or even air with water, scouring powder or oil vapors.

After you fill in the form, you can send it by e-mail or fax:, +39 039 5320015.

Vuototecnica will show you the product that best suits your expectations and if we don’t find the best solution in the catalogue, you can guide us in creating a product specifically designed for you.


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