Vuototecnica pneumatic mini vacuum switches: keeping up with the times



Efficiency, light weight, small size. These are the keywords of innovation today. Vuototecnica always answers to market signals in a prompt and responsive way, and to meet the needs of customers designed a vacuum switch which has very small size: the pneumatic mini vacuum switch.

This device is able to generate or eliminate, depending on the model, a pneumatic signal at the attainment of a certain vacuum degree, previously set by the customer. It is ideal for the control of Vuototecnica multi-stage vacuum generators PVP 25/75 MDX that, in their shape, have a special site for the installation of this mini vacuum switch.

Once mounted, combined with a pneumatic slide valve and a special check valve, it allows users a considerable supply compressed air energy saving and increases the capacity of the generator.

The pressure differential existing between the maximum set value and the reset value of the signal at rest is about 100mbar.

To learn more about how this small vacuum switch operates and assess if it is the best solution for your company, contact the Vuototecnica engineers.


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