Handling marble and sawn granite in complete safety with Vuototecnica suction cups


In the handling of marble and sawn granite slabs, you must pay particular attention to materials quality and characteristics.

In the following video you can see in action Vuototecnica round plane suction cups with vulcanized support (08 … 40 series), employed for more than 25 years with satisfaction by leading companies in the field of marble.

These suction cups are designed for lifting and moving heavy loads, both horizontally and vertically.

Ventose-Supporto-vulcanizzatoSuction cup double lip adapts to sawn and irregular surfaces in an exemplary manner, such as the ones you see in the video, ensuring a perfect grip.

These vacuum cups have a labyrinth graved table top, too, made in he same compound, which also allows the management of thin and fragile slabs, without bending materials when gripping them.

They can also be used in other fields with equal success, such as, for example, for the grip of embossed or corrugated sheets, rough wooden planks, concrete prefabricated.

To see all the applications and features, you can download the Vacuum Solutions catalogue on the Vuototecnica website.



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