Vuototecnica vacuum cylinders in action on a paper sheets feeder


In this video, you can see Vuototecnica 25 05 10 vacuum cylinders mounted on a paper sheets feeder.

Notice how suction cups separate sheets in a continuous and fast way, in progression, without causing deformation or breaking on the surface of the paper.

CilindriVuotoThe grip of sheets is an important stage of the printing process and it requires short and fast cycles with the highest accuracy. These are guarantees Vuototecnica can subscribe proudly.

Cylinders operate in vacuum and they are provided with a front vacuum chamber and a back chamber at atmospheric pressure. The larger is the pressure differential between the two chambers, the greater is the push of the piston, which is connected to the piston rod, on which finally you can mount the suction cup.

The suction cup holds the object in the outlet until the vacuum is applied. Then the piston rod returns to the starting position and the cycle is repeated.

Everything is designed for efficiency: the piston is non-rotating and it is able to automatically compensate for the heights that divide it from objects to be taken.

Even the materials are designed in a reasoned way: anodized aluminum for the cylinders, with a special bushing in technopolymer that lubricates autonomy and ensures a long service life of the components.

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  1. looking for suction unit for my book binding machine, auto feeding. please send me the details and the best price .


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