PA/PS Suction and blowing pumps in action on a folding machine


You can see a Vuototecnica combined PA/PS suction and blowing pump installed on a folding machine. As you can see, it replaces very well the side-channels impeller installed as standard by the manufacturer on the machine, without any problems.

Compared to this new technology of pneumatic pumps for graphic/paper industry, even the electric rotary vane suction and pressing pumps are no longer competitive in performance and reliability and they are no longer an alternative from the economic point of view.

10_015PA/PS Vuototecnica pumps, instead, do not produce heat or static electricity and they produce many other benefits:

  1. They allow you to save up to 40% of compressed air with a benefit of – 80% noisiness(60-65dB)
  2. They allow a beneficial ratio between the amount of consumed air and the sucked (or blown) air
  3. You can order them in different sizes and weight; also in very small sizes, in order to install them directly on the machine
  4. You do not need think too much about maintenance, a periodic cleaning of the filters is enough

The user who mounted the pumps in the video is a happy customer, especially given the absence of noise and heat, and he is feeding pumps with only 2-bar pressure. In fact, you can adjust the degree of vacuum (or pressure) and the flow rate in function of the supply air pressure, and, if you want, you can manage the pumps with proportional valves for compressed air, limiting the consumption to minimum, according to paper characteristics.

For more information, visit and contact Vuototecnica engineers.


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