Check feasibility of gripping at new Vuototecnica test center: Octopus in action on spray cans


Customization is the point of strength of each Vuototecnica solution and that’s why a new center for testing devices and products has been realized; it is equipped with anthropomorphic and gantry robots for the realization of feasibility of gripping.

In the video, you can see the feasibility test carried out by a manufacturer, a robots assessment technician, that required the ability to handle spray cans of different sizes. Octopus vacuum gripping system allows a rigid and stable manipulation of cans of different sizes, with one dedicated gripping head.

This solution guaranteed the final customer to eliminate the plastic straps which are usually used to hold together each group of cans, with great savings, also in terms of time, as a result.

When competitors merely offer standard components from the catalogue, Vuototecnica adapts its solutions for you.

Come try our test center.


  1. Good Morning
    Can i Lift with The octopus Cartpet Pieces like doormats . Abaout 60×90 cm or 40×60 cm or 50×70 cm
    The back of The carpet is covers with a Kind of Pvc coating.
    Best regards
    Rolf hebbecker


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