3D printers and customization of Vuototecnica Octopus gripping heads



Among the innovations for 2015, Vuototecnica presented the new Octopus gripper heads made with 3D printer for single pieces.

An absolute innovation which allows a customization of the product which was inconceivable before.

3D-octopusThanks to this solution, the problems of manipulation of the customers are processed case by case, with gripping heads which are customized specifically to accommodate the shape of the object to be picked up, allowing to wrap and hold it.

The gripping hands are made of ABS and for this reason they can be at the same time resistant and light.

3D-octopus-2Inside the heads is possible to provide for PVR 1-4 vacuum cartridges or single stage venturi generators in order to have the vacuum generation on the molded gripping hand always and however.

It is a state of the art solution, ideal for anthropomorphic robots or flexible pickers.

Read more and order your customized gripping hand, please contact Vuototecnica staff.


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