Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life: Vuototecnica solutions for the food industry


“Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” is the central theme of EXPO 2015. The Universal Exhibition, after several years finally in Italy – and so close to Vuototecnica headquarters in Beverate di Brivio – is certainly an occasion to think and discuss several attempts to find solutions to the contradictions of our world.

Some people are hungry (about 870 million undernourished people in 2010-2012), and who dies for health problems related to poor nutrition and too much food (about 2.8 million deaths from diseases related to obesity or overweight). At EXPO these contradictions are explored, and there are lectures on conscious choices and sustainable lifestyles made possible by the use of advanced technologies.

The quality of what we eat, in fact, depends largely on the techniques of production, packaging and distribution that govern the industry.

Vuototecnica has been working for several years in touch with some of the largest food companies in the country, to ensure a more efficient production and lower energy production costs, so manufacturers can focus only on the quality of what they bring on the tables of Italians and worldwide.

Vuototecnica designed several solutions: from simple Octopus vacuum gripping system to bellow suction cups or without contact suction cups, from energy efficient vacuum generators to devices for vacuum control and measurement.

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