Testing the hermetic seal of coffee capsules is essential to preserve the aroma and quality of the blend. Therefore, Vuototecnica has come up with an all-in-one device to vacuum test this type of product easily: the ATC01 testing device.

Inside the device, if desired, any type of capsule on the market can be checked thanks to the variable geometry supports in the bell.

In addition, even those with little testing skills are able to use it since the 7-inch touch screen panel at the base is very intuitive: it presents alarms, provides for easy programming, indicates any need for maintenance, and allows you to set the vacuum degree and testing timing. All of which can be displayed in 5 languages.

Here’s how ATC01 works: you place the capsule in the test bell housings and create a vacuum inside the capsule. The capsule thus deforms due to the different pressure existing between the atmospheric pressure air inside the capsule and the vacuum created in the bell.

Obviously, the higher the degree of vacuum set in the bell, the greater will be the thrust that the air inside the capsule creates on the walls and seals; highlighting their weaknesses and leaks.

With ATC01 device, it is enough to set the vacuum degree on the touch screen panel, change the parameters and time of the test if necessary, after which, starting the test, the laser sensors inside the bell detect the capsule deformations and the maintenance of the vacuum capsule capacity.

At the end of the process, the results is clearly displayed by means of LED lights on the base plate and on the touch screen panel itself.

A really interesting plus: a USB2 socket and a LAN socket are also included behind the equipment for transmission and data collection of the tests performed.

ATC01 meets the need for testing compostable coffee capsules that cannot be tested with traditional systems equipped with a tank with water such as ATP Vuototecnica systems.

To get a better idea of the device configuration, you can view pictures and drawings on the catalogue data sheets.

Would you like to see ATC01 in live action? Contact Vuototecnica’s designers at www.vuototecnica.net


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