Vuototecnica Octopus: buy one, get two, three, hundred, thousand devices


You can see one of the several applications of our Octopus vacuum gripping system in the following video.

Note that our Octopus bar takes the items with great flexibility. Octopus is integrated on board, on the wrist of the robot, and takes some boxes which are different in shape, weight and material.

The most obvious advantage is in the saving of time and resources, carrying out, at the same time, manipulations of different boxes that would normally require a format change of the gripping organ, resulting in waste of money.

Note also the great stability of manipulation, even when the gripping surface of the Octopus bar is not completely covered by boxes to be palletized.

The Octopus in fact does not back down and it is able to do the job even when the contact surface of boxes or products to be handled occupies only 5% of the suction plate. To know Octopus flexibility and available gripper heads, see technical specifications.

Vuototecnica staff is at your disposal, even to customize the product to meet your needs.


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