A new range of bellow suction cups by Vuototecnica: more performance, no thoughts


ventoseSoffietto2015Vuototecnica presents its new products, even in this hot summer. A new range of bellow suction cups comes, with even greater efficiency than ever before, upgraded according to manufacturers requirements.

Designed for the handling of cardboard boxes, in the packaging industry, these suction cups can be equally effective in various fields of application.

Their peculiarity is that they are able to compensate for the height and to ensure excellent grip and stability when withdrawing the item.

The gripping lip of the suction cup was specially designed with suction ducts to ensure that it is suitable to the item.


You can also choose compounds, mountings and fittings according to application requirements and for fixing on the robot.

Here you can see technical drawings and know the specifications of these suction cups and their supports.

To learn more, please visit www.vuototecnica.co.uk


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