Handling rolls of tape with Vuototecnica Octopus


The Octopus vacuum gripping system is the response to the increasingly requested operational flexibility for palletizing robots.

This video demonstrates this, in which you see Octopus used for the handling of rolls of tape, equipped with the Octopus gripping bars BO 08 60X.

The working principle of the OCTOPUS bars is based on the vacuum differential created inside its base box when the vacuum generator suction flow capacity is higher than the amount of air suctioned through the holes of the suction plate.

The BO 08 60X bars are composed of:

-A slotted fixing plate, to allow a quick installation onto the machine and an easy placement with respect to the load to be lifted;

– Two or three compressed air-fed vacuum generators, according to their size;

– A box made with light alloy, sealed by a suction plate coated with special perforated foam rubber.

They allow gripping the rolls without having to change or place vacuum cups and even when their surface does not occupy the entire suction plate. If you are interested and want to know more, do not hesitate to contact the company!


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