Taking packs of spaghetti with Octopus


In the following video, you can see the Octopus vacuum gripping system by Vuototecnica at work in the handling of packs of spaghetti for packaging in boxes.

We all know how spaghetti are fragile and how easy it is to break them even when they are inside the packs.

As you can see, the Octopus by Vuototecnica, while ensuring a firm grip of the packs, respects the integrity and moves them into the boxes in an orderly and safe way. The packs are not deformed and the loss of vacuum is nearly zero.

The gripper head used for this application is the PJ, that we have already seen in action on the blog in the handling of paper or plastic bags for food, agricultural sector and GDO.

In general, it is the perfect plate every time there is a need to handle products with a surface which is not homogeneous, for packs containing powders, granular, loose or liquid products.The grip is always without negative effects or undesired load losses which would lead to costly operative stops.

PJ plates are made of anodized aluminum, interchangeable with Octopus standard plates and they are available in different sizes depending on the load to be lifted.

To learn more, you can evaluate technical characteristics on the online catalog.


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