Taking fabrics, felts or paddings. Bernoulli!


We propose today, from Vuototecnica catalogue, Bernoulli suction cups (BEC).


They are suitable for taking particularly delicate or friable products (bakery products, cardboard interlayers, thin sheets etc …) or for which, in general, the contact with the suction cups or grippers would be problematic as they are highly deformable, porous or irregular.

VUOTOTECNICA_bernoulli-2015BEC are fed with compressed air and are also defined as suction cups without contact as there is always a flow of lamellar air between the taken object and the plane of the suction cup in aluminum. The suction cups use Bernoulli’s theorem, the same for which it is possible to interpret the effect of lift of the wings of an aircraft.

They can be, for example, the ideal solution in the textile industry for the taking of fabrics, felts or paddings to be handled with care to avoid wasting materials; as it happens instead when they are manipulated with needle grippers.

They are particularly effective in leafing several overlapping fabrics.

Bernoulli suction cups by Vuototecnica are equipped with pins- stabilizers to prevent rotation of the object and they are operative from a minimum pressure of 1 bar.

To learn more, you can evaluate technical specifications and request a catalogue.



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