Special solutions Octopus: creating pallets of boxes and tin cans


In the following video you can see in action one of the custom Octopus solutions designed by Vuototecnica for a palletizer robot handling tomato cans and boxes.

A simple, lightweight and super flexible gripping hand, made up of two special bars designed specifically for the customer, who needed to manipulate tomato cans of different diameters and weights and packaging cardboard boxes.

As usual, the thing that is most astonishing is the operational flexibility of this system, able to take objects of different shape and dimension, and of different materials, even when the gripping surface of the objects to be handled occupies only 5% of the Octopus plate.

Notice how the bars fit perfectly to the porous surface of the interlayer, to the boxes containing the cans and to the smooth and irregular surface of the tin cans, indifferently.

The peculiarity of this solution is that the plate is made of rubber sponge, divided into autonomous areas, each able to manipulate the objects through the use of an independent vacuum generator for each gripping area.

This zone division allows the customer to activate only the areas actually affected by the presence of the particulars to be taken – whether they are cans, boxes or interlayers – and to always concentrate the maximum degree of vacuum and the maximum aspiration where he needs.

With all the advantages of Octopus vacuum gripping system we have already seen.

To see all suction plates, the technical specifications or to request a customized solution, please visit www.vuototecnica.net


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