The strengths of Vuototecnica RVP pumps


pompeRVPThis month we focus on new RVP single-stage rotary vane pumps, by Vuototecnica.

They are new entries and are already having a great success in terms of performance.

Here in 10 points why:

  1. They are made in quality materials;
  2. They are compact and suitable for heavy duty and continuous work;
  3. They are quiet and do not overheat during operation;
  4. They comply with the latest European standards (IEC60034) and are equipped as standard with IE2 electric motors with high energy efficiency
  5. They slash exhaust gases, thanks to a large tank for oil recovery, equipped with no-oil microfiber cartridges.
  6. They have a high pumping speed in the range of absolute pressure between 850 and 0.5 mbar;
  7. They occur in a wide range of models with intake volumetric capacity between 15 and 300 mc/h;
  8. They need little maintenance, with original spare parts and high quality;
  9. They have a excellent value for money;
  10. They are guaranteed by VUOTOTECNICA.

On the intake, the check valve is integrated into the pumps as standard. On request, a suitable filter to stop possible sucked impurities can be provided.

All pumps, except for models RVP 15 and RVP 21, are equipped as standard with a gas ballast valve, with high compatibility to steam.

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