Vuototecnica PVP7SX: super-fast and strong ally in plastics micro molding


Today, we tell you about how one of our customers, manufacturer of molding machines for plastics, exploited the great speed and the extent of depletion of our single stage ejector PVP7SX.

PVP7SX, you can see in action in the video below, is designed, for this application, for the discharge of micro plastic parts from the manufacturing mold.

As you can see, PVP7SX sucks through some glasses that function as syphons for retaining the micro plastic parts which come from prints obtained in the mold.

PVP7SX was appreciated by customers for its total inspectionability and the quality of the materials with which it is built, that will ensure a long life: anticorodal aluminum body and injectors in stainless steel.

Also PVP7SX is already equipped as standard with a vacuum gauge to display the generation of vacuum and a free flow exhaust muffler (SSX series), which never creates problems of occlusion, even in case of dust coming from aspiration or dirty supply compressed air.

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