NAIAS in Detroit, the automotive world and Vuototecnica solutions



naiasnaiaslogoIt started on January 11, 2016 edition of the NAIAS (North American International Auto Show), one of the major auto shows in the world, held in Detroit, Michigan.

The industry trend was confirmed by the exhibition of this year and concerns an implemented energy efficiency, and at the same time awareness of the environmental challenges this process requires.

Vuototecnica has been working for over thirty years with companies in the automotive sector, creating operational performances (such as robotic manipulation of sheets, side windows and plastic parts of cars) that can also offer flexibility and energy saving.

In particular, AVG vacuum generator (automotive vacuum generator) responds to this need, mounted on all types of robots, even smaller and flexible ones, thanks to a greater rapidity of vacuum generation inside suction cups, mounted on board of the gripping system with the saving of 40% of energy, in terms of compressed air.

Saving is possible thanks to an adjustable and integrated pneumatic vacuum switch, which interrupts the compressed air supply when the AVG reaches the preset maximum vacuum degree and only reactivated it when the vacuum level drops below the minimum.

Once the work cycle is over, with an electric pulse, the system disables the micro solenoid valve and simultaneously activates the ejection solenoid valve for a rapid restoration of the atmospheric pressure inside the suction cups.

8_061Moreover, generally, there are standard venturi pipes on the robot grippers in automotive industry, which are fed with normally opened solenoid valves that remain opened and consume compressed air, even in case of blackout or standstill, causing damage in the assembly line.

AVG, in contrast, can operate in “Energy saving” option, keeping the energy saving even without power supply, thanks to the bistable piloting micro solenoid valve of the compressed air and to vacuum switch with pneumatic signal, so as to prevent the loss of the load supported by suction cups.

Furthermore, the conditions of the workers are better as regards the quietest working environment. AVG can in fact be fitted with SSX series free flow silencers.

To comply with industry protocols, you can request it in the configuration AVG … P, with protection against impact.

To learn more, you can view data sheets in the catalogue.


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