The age of low energy vacuum generators for the automotive sector



The Automotive sector increasingly requires equipment with excellent performances and limited weight and bulk. In order to meet these requirements, Vuototecnica, in close collaboration with the engineering departments of the major automobile companies, has created the new Automotive Vacuum Generators (AVG).
They are equipped with single ejectors that, given the same capacity of generators with multiple ejectors, allow generating vacuum more rapidly with an instant grip by the Maxigrip cups as a result.
The standard equipment also includes a device that guarantees 40% energy saving in terms of air consumption, compared to traditional vacuum generators. All this thanks to the built-in standard pneumatic vacuum switch, which interrupts the compressed air supply once the preset maximum vacuum value is reached and restores it only when the vacuum level returns below the minimum threshold. All this not only allows maintaining the vacuum level within preset safety values, but also a considerable saving of compressed air.
AVG_vuototecnicaThe unique AVG design allows the equipment to operate in “Energy Saving” mode, as indicated above, even in total absence of electricity. This is an essential factor in the robotic lines of the automotive industry in case of sudden downtime or blackouts. The standard Venturi pipes installed on the robot grippers are constantly controlled by a normally open pneumatic valve for the entire time the electricity is absent to prevent the loss of the metal sheets or the windows of the automobile in the assembly line. An energy consumption that is unacceptable for lines equipped with hundreds of Venturi pipes can be easily solved using Automotive Vacuum Generators.
Once the work cycle is completed, the power supply micro solenoid valve is deactivated by means of an electrical pulse while, at the same time, the ejection solenoid valve is activated for quick restoration of the atmospheric pressure inside the vacuum cups.
AVG vacuum generators are set for the installation of a digital micro-switch.


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