Do you need to generate vacuum for your industrial applications?


Vuototecnica has been working for over than 40 years in the industry and offers solutions to all the needs in the field of vacuum generation.

We start from single-stage vacuum generators, based on the Venturi principle, for limited flow rates, right up to multi-stage generators that use compressed air kinetic energy supply, through appropriately sized ejectors in line, before releasing it in atmosphere. At constant flow rate, the latter allow a lower consumption of compressed air.

You can choose the generator depending on pack size that your application requires and on the location where you will install it (on the machine, on the gripping hands, etc …). PVP 05, PVP 2 and PVP 3 for example have the size of a one coin, but great performance!


Some generators, already with suction cups, are real independent gripping units, others are equipped with a vacuum gauge for a direct reading of the vacuum level or have a silencer for more sustainable work environments.

All models are available with ejector for a more rapid release of the suction cups and are easy to assemble and to maintain.
On the blog you can find descriptions of the most popular generators: GVMM series, FVG, MVG, AVG, PVR.


On Vacuum Solutions Catalogue you can also find diagrams and tables that will facilitate your choice: the amount of air sucked from the generators to different vacuum levels, time of evacuation of the generators at different vacuum levels, minimum internal pipe diameter, recommended for generators, and many other useful tools.


  1. we have a new project about automation of tray sealer via vacuum companents.
    do you have an agent in Turkey or one of engineers can visit us?
    we can cover hotel cost and pick-up from the airport
    kind regards
    Muharrem DEMiR


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