Choosing The Right Octopus


9_008We saw the benefits of Vuototecnica Octopus many times on this blog. The biggest advantage is undoubtedly the fact that you can only change the suction plate for different applications.

The customer then has the option to choose between different suction plates. Here you go.

Standard, on all systems Octopus, are provided PX or P2X plates,9_010 covered with a special perforated foam rubber, of two different thicknesses: 15 mm, for the suction plates of the PX series; 30 mm, for special suction plates P2X.

However, it is possible to request, to save energy, even suction plates with shut-off valves inserted in each hole. The shut-off valves, in the absence of the object to be taken or with a faulty grip of the foam rubber, automatically close the intake, preventing the lowering of the degree of vacuum on the remaining holes.9_009

Vuototecnica has also designed special suction plates (PY and P2Y), which have the characteristic to develop, with the same gripping surface, greater strength and to “get a grip” on rough and very irregular surfaces; and also special suction plates (PZ and P2Z), similar to the above, but which, among all, develop the most lifting force with the same gripping surface and the same degree of vacuum.9_012They are made of light alloys and lined with a special perforated sponge rubber, of two different thicknesses.

In order to facilitate the grip of all products with very irregular and flexible surfaces, instead, such as bulk products bags, blisters, skin-film or cardboard boxes, difficult to be handled by suction plates coated with foam rubber, Vuototecnica designed plates with suction cups9_017The recommended suction cups are the bellows one, able to adapt to all gripping surfaces, following the outlines and movements during lifting, ensuring an easy and secure grip.

Finally, PJ suction plates allow the taking of bags of paper or plastic, containing powders, granules, bulk or liquid products. The particular shapes of the gasket and of the supporting surface let you restrict deformation of the bag during the intake, reducing to a minimum the losses of vacuum and by ensuring the greatest possible gripping.

To be followed by our staff and to choose the suction plate more suitable for you:



  1. We are interested in your product to remove 1 mm thick steel plates from the outside setup table of a Trumpf laser. Do you have a representative in the Atlanta, Georgia area that could call me?


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