Non-stop wine carton palletizing


Once again this month we are sharing an application video that shows the great reliability of Vuototecnica solutions. In this case, the end customer managed the palletization of cardboard packaging containing wine bottles, feeding the vacuum with Vuototecnica 15 05 10 SX ejectors, guaranteeing a stable grip thanks to the 08 53 35 N suction cups.

The single stage ejectors are ideal in an industrial environment where cardboard dust is present, because they avoid any risk of clogging. Suction cups, on the other hand, are a must for palletizing and de-palletizing cartons because they adapt perfectly to the deformable and porous surface with their half bellows. Their bellows design, as you can see, is able to stabilize the boxes.

Everything happens smoothly and safely. This is also thanks to the single-stage ejectors that have a high suction flow rate (12.5 mc/h), promoting better loss recovery on the gripping.

A further advantage of the ejectors is economy in terms of energy consumption: with their low supply pressure (only 3.5 bar pressure for the best performance of flow rate and vacuum degree), they are unrivalled on the market. To give you a comparison, other ejectors typically operate at 6 bar operating pressure.

You can also install them directly on the robot arm because of their small size.
Finally, they are equipped with a free flow exhaust silencer, series SSX, with noise reduction, to the benefit of working environment.

The suction cups in this video are available in different diameters, from 22mm to 150mm, depending on the load to be handled.

To learn more and find the most suitable application for you, contact Vuototecnica designers at


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