Cleaning and high safety standards thanks to Vuototecnica adjustable vacuum generator conveyor PVR25


In this video you can see in action Vuototecnica adjustable vacuum generator PVR 25, directly connected to 08 30 32 S suction cup.

The incredible ease with which these baked goods are handled immediately surprise; they are all different from each other and characterized by irregular surfaces and large amount of crumbs and spices that are usually a big problem because they easily clog suction cups and above all vacuum sources connected with them.

Rotary vane pumps and side channel aspirators just for this reason should always be equipped with suction filters which must be regularly inspected and sanitized to prevent the generation of mold inside.

PVR25With Vuototecnica adjustable vacuum generator PVR 25 there is no danger of clogging and there is no need for filters, because all residues pass through it without any problems. You can convey them into a special recovery site. Instead, occluding the 25 PVR ejector drain with a normally open two-way valve, you can generate a counter blow that speeds up the discharge and at the same time cleans the suction cup.

PVR 25 allows a vacuum decentralization. It can be connected, as well as directly to the suction cup, also to dispensers involving several vacuum suction cups. This direct coupling with suction cups allows a speed of grip and release that, as you can see, is practically instantaneous.

Simply rotating the discharge section of the ejector you can adjust the degree of vacuum and the volumetric flow rate according to the porosity characteristics of the product to manipulate.

The noise level of PVR adjustable vacuum generators can also be considerably mitigated thanks to a SSX silencer, screwed on the connection of the exhaust air.

As regards 08 30 32 S suction cup, it adapts perfectly to irregular surfaces due to its soft lip and it is in FDA certifiable silicone. It is also possible to request it in in magnetic silicone, a material that is easily detectable in case of breakage or accidental loss thanks to metal detectors used for the protection of foods, able to detect ferrite powder. This material also has a high resistance to solvents, UV rays, oxygen, ozone and chlorine, putting up any production environment and all temperatures, from -50 ° to 275 ° C, for any kind of food.


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