Mini size, maxi efficiency


The miniaturization of components for handling and creating vacuum becomes more and more important, especially in some sectors in which a very small footprint is required, such as in pick and place of small objects.

In the video below you can see in action some Vuototecnica components in glass vials grip for the pharmaceutical industry: PVP05 vacuum generator (we already talked about it  in our previous post), micro cup holders, micro digital vacuum switches (12 05 10) and bellows suction cups with a diameter of grip of only 4 mm (available also with a normal cup).

PVP05 vacuum generator works using Venturi principle and it is particularly suitable for controlling vacuum cups, for gripping and handling non-porous objects and equipment in which the request of the flow is limited.

The micro cup holders are available in different versions, with or without fitting, and are made with quality materials;
stems and springs are in fact made of stainless steel, for added durability.

The micro vacuum switches, excellent for safety reasons, for the start of a working cycle or for the gripper’s control of the suction cups, provide a precise signal to the achievement of a certain degree of vacuum.
They are small, particularly suitable for installation in proximity of the suction cups or where the distribution of vacuum is bound to very reduced spaces.

In combined action, Vuototecnica products are ideal for this application in the Pharma world, but also for other needs of limitation of space, without forgetting the efficiency and stability of the grip, for example for the extraction of small pieces in plastic from the injection-molding presses with suction cups.

To have your miniaturized customized solution, please contact Vuototecnica designers.


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