The manipulation of hundred pounds stainless steel tubulars, such as those that you can see in the video, can be very complex, and because there exists the need to adapt to different diameters and weights, and because there is need for a constancy in the vacuum flow, even in case of sudden blackout of the electric line.

7_083Vuototecnica solved the problems of its customers through the use of a security depressor with two pumps capable of maintaining a constant flow rate and the degree of vacuum in every moment.

Furthermore, the bistable three-way solenoid valves, installed for each group of bellow suction cups, allow continuous communication between the vacuum tank and the suction cups, by supporting the load even in case of a sudden power failure.

The bellow suction cups, finally, have a reinforced bellow and an inner support labyrinth which, once the suction cup is crushed under the action of the vacuum, can guarantee a peerless stability in the tubular grip.

4_026-1_051To learn more about the products, download the Vacuum solutions catalogue.


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