Moving parmesan discs with Bernoulli Vuototecnica suction cups


Vuototecnica works to meet the needs of customers every day, in its laboratories, and this “behind the scenes” often remains a secret.

We have therefore decided to show you some grip tests, in particular those carried out on the cheese discs of a well-known Parmesan producer.

The discs can weigh 6-7 kg and the end user had the need to move them up to insert them into a flake machine.

For this type of work we generally rely on silicone rubber suction cups, which however generate a series of problems.

First of all, the presence of irregularities or holes on the surface of the parmesan can affect the grip, with the need for manual intervention by an operator.

Secondly, the sanitization process, at the end of the day, is not simple with rubber suction cups fed by a vacuum source, because they generally suck in them residues and small pieces of cheese, with the risk of a clogging.

In both cases, waste of time.

As you can see in the video, on the contrary, Vuototecnica Bernoulli BEC60 suction cups translate discs even in presence of holes and facilitate the cleaning process of suction cups, pipes and suction filters.

BEC suction cups, fed with 100% filtered compressed air, provide in fact the presence of an “air flap” between the suction cup and the cheese disc, so that nothing is sucked inside.

The only operation to be performed for the customer is to sanitize the outside diameter of the suction cup with a cloth at the end of the day.

Precious minutes saved and unparalleled speed, with great respect for the product to be handled.

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