The Wood Industry: An alternative to electric rotary vane vacuum pumps


The solutions most often used are not always the most advantageous.
Vuototecnica has always been involved in researching new, innovative solutions to improve industrial processes. In this context, the pneumatic vacuum suction pump represents a real evolution compared to traditional electric rotary vane pumps.


For an “on field” evaluation of the advantages of using this vacuum pump, we went to Essepi srl (, a company that produces plywood and multi-layer components for the chair, furniture and home furnishing industries.
The company chose to install, on a 4-axis work station, the PA140 pneumatic vacuum suction pump created by Vuototecnica, to replace the classic oil bath rotary vane vacuum pump that is commonly used.

pompa-aspirante-pa-140We met with Michele Basin, Manager of Essepi’s Technical Office:
“’The yield of the new PA140 pump is absolutely amazing. With this simple and compact device, we are able to obtain the same vacuum level as a classic oil bath pump, eliminating all wear and maintenance problems once and for all.

We asked ourselves: “Why didn’t we discover this device earlier?!? We would have saved a few thousand euros and all the machine downtime resulting from maintenance and the repair of old pumps.

Frankly, we wonder why the manufacturers of CNC machines do not provide the P140 suction pump instead of the usual very expensive vacuum pumps. Its initial vacuum starting power is greater and allows for the instant locking of pieces such as bodies, which have uneven surface curvatures.

Could the Vuototecnica vacuum suction pump also be an ideal solution for your other machines?

‘Without a doubt we will gradually replace the old vacuum pumps with the PA140 on all of our machines. Ultimately, the device costs basically the same as a complete maintenance operation of the old pumps, and vane replacement’.


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