Handling of wooden planks with Octopus


In the video below you can see Octopus BO 12 120X in action when handling wooden planks in line.

Please, note the flexibility with which the robot is able to switch between grips and the stability of gripping and releasing.

Octopus is the most flexible solution for palletizing robots and vacuum gripping systems in general: manufacturers in the wood sector, as well as all companies that need pallets, have found in this product a trusted ally.

As you can notice in the video, the shape and the size of the planks, the holes and the roughnesses are not an obstacle for the grip.

Able to handle objects of different shapes, weights and dimensions, even with very irregular surfaces, Octopus proves to have an incredible operative flexibility. The safety of the load, the low maintenance and the special gripping capacity do the rest, even when the surface of the object to be taken occupies only 5% of the suction plate.

Vuototecnica Octopus is available with different suction plates depending on the application.

To find out more: www.vuototecnica.net