When it is necessary to have a signal for the maximum and minimum values set, ​​for safety reasons, for the start of a work cycle, for the control of suction cups gripping or for the compressed air supply to vacuum generators, saving energy, Vuototecnica designed new digital vacuum switches and pressure switches (code: 12 40 10 and 12 40 20).

The accuracy of these devices is very high and they have an intuitive operation.

Values ​​are shown on the two-color main display, which can be programmed by the user (red or green); the setting values ​​can be observed on a secondary display, on the control panel. Two indicator lights, related to outputs 1 and 2, indicate the switching status of the two digital signals and the analog one, at the output. The switching outputs are completely independent.

The switching points included within the scale values, as well as the hysteresis, can be programmed using buttons on the control panel, in a very simple and immediate way.
Other functions can also be programmed, such as the comparison between two values, NO and NC contacts, choice of the unit of measurement and block of values.

They allow considerable energy savings and they can be positioned anywhere, thanks to their robustness. They are in fact enclosed in an ABS container and carefully calibrated and at a compensated temperature.

The vacuum connection can be made by a double connection with G 1/8″ male thread or M5 female thread, while the electrical connection is via a removable and quick installation data cable.

Vuototecnica has a wide range of vacuum switches and pressure switches for all needs.

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