Handling bottles with liquid products on the production line


In the video, one of our customers recorded the handling of bottles from the conveyor belt to the trays for packaging the finished product.

As you can see, taking and releasing speed is very high, considering the characteristics of the robot. And this thanks to the flexibility of Vuototecnica GVMM vacuum generators.

GVMM modular multi-function vacuum generators are designed for assembly with intermediate modules, with the simple use of screws, without external manifolds.

Their modularity makes them unique because it allows them to serve multiple users thanks to autonomous vacuum grips, without having to change anything. As you can see, there are many robots and the possibility of having a single modular vacuum source makes things a lot easier.

GVMM generators can be inspected for simple maintenance and can be installed in any position. They have a large suction capacity and allow a high compressed air saving.

In combination, Maxigrip cups suction cups favor the grip on the bottles, in spite of their shape and smooth surface.

The extreme flexibility of the lip in fact allows them to adapt to convex objects, without any risk of deforming or breaking them and without losing the grip.

They have a high friction coefficient, a guarantee of precision and holding.

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