Small vacuum cup holders, exceptional reliability


When handling objects using vacuum cups, the reliability of the grip can be affected by numerous variables, such as excess transpiration, harsh environmental conditions or a lack of adherence to the product.

In order to address the issue of poor object gripping, Vuototecnica has designed and developed miniature vacuum cup holders with integrated self-exclusion valves.

This valve closes the suction inlet whenever the vacuum cup is not pressing against the load (when not involved in the gripping operation) or whenever it is not perfectly adhering to the surface in question.

This serves to prevent the vacuum level from being decreased, which can have adverse effects on the rest of the system. And the entire process is automatic. There’s no longer any need to worry about the vacuum cups’ positioning and the exclusion.

And while Vuototecnica’s mini vacuum cup holders are extremely small and lightweight, they offer the same performance levels as the company’s vacuum cup holders of larger dimensions.


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