As we have already mentioned here on the blog, new Vacupredator suction cups are finally available: perfect for gripping envelopes, bags and flexible containers in paper or plastic, containing powders, granulates, loose products or liquids.

They are ideal for handling flowpack packages and they are multitasking.

In the video below we had fun, playing and experiencing the effectiveness of these suction cups. The comparison we made, cleared with the name of these suction cups, is that of the shark’s bite, implacable and effective.

As you can see, the VACBOT robot was programmed for taking and moving different types of packs and contents, from pasta to bread, from sanitary products to confectionery and snacks, to granular and powder products.

The fast and irregular movement, similar to a shark head, is not a problem for the firm hold of the items.

Vacupredator suction cups are equipped with a slotted plate inside, to allow the flexible container to adapt to the suction cup, and with a special spongy rubber seal which, following the wrinkles that form on the package, prevents perimeter vacuum losses.

To learn more: Vacupredator brochure


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