Vacupredators “bite” even the most uneven plastic surfaces!


We have always talked about Vacupredator by Vuototecnica for gripping flowpacks, envelopes, bags, flexible containers containing loose products, but these suction cups have many other application resources.

As you can see in the video, they are also perfect for handling and gripping plastic parts with a very uneven surface.

These are parts with wicker-like surface finish. Impossible to pick up with traditional rubber suction cups.

The special spongy rubber gasket follows the voids drawn on the surface and prevents perimeter vacuum leaks, thus allowing the part to be gripped with absolute stability throughout the handling cycle.

Vacupredators are available in different sizes and configurations (round or elliptical), with sponges of different types and thicknesses, and suction box with height-adjustable support surface, depending on the applications and robots on which they are to be installed.

To learn more you can download the technical specifications on or on


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