When dust and surface dirt end up clogging ejectors or vacuum pumps, it is often necessary to install in-line suction filters. Nothing bad, except that these filters are then to be subjected to continuous maintenance, forcing the end customer to unwanted downtime.

It goes without saying that for some industries this damage can be more incisive, since the production of dust is the norm: think of block-cutting machines, marble filigrees, machines for gripping sheet metal, bricks, raw wood, and in general any processing where the presence of dust, chips, or water can affect the efficiency of the application.

For all these cases, Vuototecnica designed PVR 25 MS ejector (you can see it in action in the video below), capable of sucking up dust and small processing residues without clogging. It is the same ejector that discharges into the atmosphere what it aspires. A safety guard prevents the dispersion of the solid impurities sucked into the working environment.

PVR 25 MS is equipped with a high noise reduction, free flow SSX silencer. Good filtration of the compressed air supply eliminates any form of maintenance by the customer.
In addition, PVR is directly integrated with the suction cup, which reduces the negative volumes to empty and speeds up the grip.

Another great advantage is the digital micro vacuum switch 12 05 10, able to give the control panel, in only 0.1 milliseconds, a signal when the desired vacuum level is reached. Thanks to this signal, it is possible to understand which suckers are in grip and whether they are sufficient. This is almost impossible in central vacuum systems (with rotary vane or liquid ring vacuum pump).

Finally, it is possible to increase the efficiency of this vacuum generator thanks to the integration of suction cups specifically designed for each specific material and object to be handled.

To evaluate the technical characteristics, consult the new catalogue at www.vuototecnica.net


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