There’s no efficient gripping system without the right accessories. Vuototecnica is aware of the importance of designing the entire equipment, also and above all in view of the fields of application and industrial sectors.

For this reason, the Vuototecnica catalogue also includes special holders that allow Vuototecnica cup holders (simple and special) to be adapted and fitted to specific gripper hands.

For the automotive sector, in particular, Vuototecnica designed various products, starting from the simplest 00 FCH up to the FCH16 model, designed to fix the Vuototecnica anti-rotational cup holders to the slots of structural aluminium profiles.

These latter supports in fact have a nylon ball joint that allows the cup holder to be positioned and locked at a specific gripping angle, which is very important when you are in the presence of moulded surfaces, such as those of car bodies.

The 00 FCH are instead made of stainless steel and are suitable to fix the cup holders to the machine by means of a grooved cylindrical pin or a spherical pin, whose seat can often be found in the EOATs of the automotive sector.

Finally, Vuototecnica offers the SFP systems designed to mount all the cup holders in the Vuototecnica range (mini, simple and special) for all fixing requirements on 30, 40 or 50 mm square section profiles.

SFPs are made of galvanised sheet steel and feature a screw or handle to quickly lock the support in the desired position and slide the cup holders along the length of the square section profiles. A great advantage when you have to set the gripper according to the different sizes of the objects to be picked, in the automotive field, and in general in all industrial sectors.

To find out about Vuototecnica’s range of special supports and view the technical specifications, you can download the new Vuototecnica catalogue at


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