From its collaboration with clients, Vuototecnica draws the strength to find solutions that meet the needs of every industrial sector. One of the latest contributions was made to a manufacturer of pneumatic powder conveyors and featured Vuototecnica multi-stage vacuum generators.

In this case, there was a need for a conveyor with very high vacuum levels (compared to a classic side channel impeller) for “gentle” material handling, also obtained thanks to the performance of the Vuototecnica venturi.

This is a very important result for certain sectors such as the food industry or plastic production, where certain products must never be subjected to shocks and stress, or else lose quality or fail in subsequent mixing processes.

Vuototecnica only supplied the manufacturer with pneumatic vacuum generation, but if desired, can help each end customer in the creation of their own customized transport system.

In the Vacuum Solutions catalogue you can find a wide range of multi-stage vacuum generators (PVP 150 and PVP 300 MD / MDLP, PVP 450 and PVP 600 MD / MDLP, PVP 750 MD / MDLP), suitable for this type of application but also on board Cartesian or anthropomorphic robots, thanks to their unparalleled features. Beginning with the simplicity of assembly, given the small size, on board the same dosing hopper.

The generators of this range allow up to 900 mc/h of suction capacity and high vacuum level: 90Kpa (-900mbar). They can be supplied for pneumatic feeding at 6 bar but also in “LP” (Low Pressure, 3bar) version for consumption needs or presence of low pressure on the line of the final users.

In terms of materials, they are machined from solid aluminum with stainless steel nozzles for maximum resistance to wear and they are fully accessible for inspection and cleaning.

Moreover, they can be equipped with the energy saving system, a kit that acts directly on the generator, making it operate within the preset vacuum values, thus limiting the consumption of compressed air supply.

To learn more, browse the catalogue on or on TraceParts.


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