Is it possible to have excellent performance with multiple independent vacuum outlets and at the same time focus on energy savings? Vuototecnica’s GVMM multifunctional modular vacuum generators provide the answer to this question: of course it is.

Designed to be assembled with IM intermediate modules, with the simple use of screws, without external manifolds, GVMM are modular, flexible and extremely light.

Thanks to these generators, as you can see from the video, it is possible to serve multiple users thanks to autonomous vacuum connections, without having to modify anything. The suction capacity is high but the most surprising aspect is that this is accompanied by a great saving of compressed air.

In fact, the generator creates the vacuum when it is necessary, activating the micro solenoid valve that feeds the compressed air. When the vacuum value reaches the preset value, the vacuum switch acts on the electric coil of the solenoid valve and thus interrupts the supply, which is restored only when the vacuum level returns below the minimum safety value. If desired, a second signal from the vacuum switch, independent of the first, can be considered to start the cycle when the vacuum level is suitable.

In order to obtain the energy saving described above, GVMM generators must be equipped with a set of cables (item code 00 15 202 /00 15 203) with integrated Energy Saving device, to connect the vacuum switch and the micro solenoid valves.

When the power supply fails for any reason, a built-in check valve maintains the vacuum level in the circuit. GVMM vacuum generators and their IM modules also include a screw regulator for dosing the compressed air expulsion.

It is possible to choose the number of vacuum units, requesting the multifunction vacuum generator and the intermediate modules, in the desired number and with the desired capacities, already assembled together, or assembling later one or more intermediate modules to the GVMM generator already installed.

GVMM can be inspected and allow an easy maintenance, starting from the distributor suction filter; moreover, great advantage, they can be installed in any position, thanks to their compactness and lightness.

They are available with minimum capacities of 3 mc/h and maximum capacities of 14 mc/h and a maximum attainable vacuum level of -85 KPa.

Maximum savings for maximum efficiency, on several fronts.

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