Together we can is the new Vuototecnica campaign dedicated to the prevailing philosophy of the Beverate di Brivio-based company. The basic concept is simple and strong: together we can go anywhere.

This is a certainty consolidated over more than 40 years of working side by side with clients, as engineering partner, in search of valid and efficient solutions for every application field. (Loyal customers can confirm this.) And it is also a promise for the future.

Vuototecnica always put the customer at the center, starting from his needs in the design of the best gripping, vacuum creation and handling solutions, thanks to an extensive catalogue for various industrial sectors.

Based on a few questions regarding final objectives and work environment, Vuototecnica designers identify which products are best suited to the client, sometimes even customising them ad hoc, based on the type of application.

Moreover, where Vuototecnica does not arrive directly, it is through its distributor-partners, selected over the years for their ever-increasing ability to get to the heart of their client companies, understanding their needs and professionalism.

In the relationship with distributor-partners, the concept of “together” reinforces even more its meaning by giving an added value to the customer, in the territory.

To become part of Vuototecnica world where everything (or almost everything) is possible:


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